Student nurse #survived

It was just like yesterday, when I was filling in the forms to doing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. It was a dream come true, I could picture myself in the uniform, looking all and sophisticated. A girl of substance.

Then the first week of practicals began, I was tasked to do a full bath of an elderly patient, I was so scared considering the fact that I did not even know nurses bathe the patients. Like any first year, I read through my procedure book on how to bath a patient. I think that was by far the best full bath I gave in all my 4 years of being a student.

I looked out for every details, how the hair should be washed, everything. Then came a wrecking ball, after bathing the patient, I decided to take the vital signs ( temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration ), I couldn’t get a pulse, I thought I had done it wrong since i was still not competent, I decided to use the machine instead, zero pulse.

My heart fell to the ground, my eyes got watery but I held on and ran to call the sister in charge ( registered nurse ), she rechecked the vital signs and told me, “Emmely, he Is gone”. I was like but he was fine, I talked to him through out the full bath, I just left to get the machine to check his vital signs. The sister could see through me, I was shaking all over, tears flowing, she tried to calm me, she said ” it’s not your fault, he was critically ill, it was inevitable, he Is in a better place “. Thoughts started rolling in.

Maybe the water was too cold, maybe I used the wrong full bath technique, maybe I was too rough handling him, I just ran and took my bag, heading for the elevator, I cried all the way up to home. I didn’t eat anything that day. For me, it felt like I had killed him.

I called my dad, still crying I said I don’t want to be a nurse anymore, I can’t be a nurse. He laughed and said baby you are a nurse and i had already paid half your tuition. A little background, that year, I did not have a loan, so my daddy had paid like half the tuition fee already. So me quitting in the middle of the year was not a smart financial move. Okay, back at it. I understood my dad’s concerns but still my spirit was damaged. I couldn’t go on, traumatized and heart broken. It was my first day and I needed a good start but it wasn’t.

I took a week going back and forth on what to do, my dad was serious and I couldn’t afford another gap year from school. I prayed about it. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way with God. I decided I am going back. It wasn’t easy, I cried every time we lost a patient, I still do but slowly I have learned to cope.

After going through the hardship of first year, my second year was almost good. I was allocated in the maternity ward. Goodness Lord, it was amazing, breathe taking. Learning how to deliver someone was the greatest thing ever. The first delivery I conducted, was scary yet the greatest, I remember the baby’sfirst cry, how the mother was thanking me like I did something great, when all the power was from her. Seeing all that made me appreciate life, made me appreciate being apart of the nursing society. I thanked my dad for not letting me quit.

Now 4 years in and almost getting this degree. I can’t wait to be called registered nurse Emmely. I am really thankful for everything, it’s been through ups and down but am almost there. I will get there in Jesus name.



Still my soulmate

Still everything and always will be my everything. Today when everyone is celebrating their mothers, I miss you dearly and wish you were here but this space between us won’t stop me from saying all i need to tell you, and how much you mean to me.

Mommy If i start writing about how much I miss you, I will go for days, so I decided to tell you how much you still mean to me instead.

Happy mother’s day to you mom. Thank you For raising me, for bearing the pain of Labour, for the morning sickness, the 9 months of love and uncomfortableness . For loving me, I can only emagin you mom, but I am grateful your face is still clear in my mind. I don’t ask for anything but i hope everything is like moonlight where you are. You deserve the world,you are my world. Thank you for everything mom, your love is still in me.

You were my soulmate and still is, not because I came from you but because you have proved you will always be here, right here in me. Always.

Happy mother’s day to all mother’s out there. To all mother’s to be. To all my follwers’s mother’s. I appreciate you guys. LOVE YOU


Pour your heart out #done

Hey guys, three days ago, i wrote one paragraph of a poem and i made an open challenge for everyone to add their one sentence. I said i would write the complete poem after three days. It has passed and am here to write the whole poem down. Thank you to all the people that participated, check out their blogs. Their names are on every end of their comment.

Here it goes

As I seat in my corner of thoughts
As tears roll down my eyes
My ears block the sounds of the world
As I hold all that’s within me
Emotions bouncing from end to end
Goosebumps on every inch of my body

My heart aches that’s all I know : Thought for change
The song of my soul: a sorrowful serenade : Auroraboros
I can’t be happy, I’m afraid : Yuuyle
But I knew I couldn’t go on like that, for sure : Floatinggold

I couldn’t go on reminiscing on what was once the times of our lives : philomenakendi16
I was unable to clear my thought as the salty tears kept rolling down my cheeks : myplace3187
Fighting the pain threatening to engulf me : nadia005

I couldn’t think of anything at times like that : Twentythirdofsept
My love will always be strong : mylifeafterfifty488934292
With no doubt in my mind I wish you back : sparkingcastleblogs my heart is full, but my soul feels empty, It’s flowing out within my tears : Warren Richards

But, I wish you joy,
I can’t deal with all this grey area
You got me hypnotized but
We have hit the wrong dot,
Two wrongs won’t make it right, soo
I choose happiness
I choose me



Comment your heart out #openChallenge

Hey guys, i hope you are up for a good challenge. I have written one paragraph of a poem, and would like you guys to comment just one sentence to add to it. And let it make sense from the previous person’s comment . After 3 days, i will rewrite the full poem using all your comments and on every sentence, i will add the name of the person who commented.

Pour your heart out

As I seat in my corner of thoughts
As tears roll down my eyes
My ears block the sounds of the world
As I hold all that’s within me
Emotions bouncing from end to end
Goosebumps on every inch of my body

I hope you like this ❤



The gift is you

There is a big difference between a father and a dad. A father is someone who fertilized the egg while a dad could be one who fertilized the egg, one who is always there, from the day you first took your first breathe, to your first word, to your first step. A dad is one who stays awake when you had a nightmare, the one who wants the best for you everytime.

My dad is all the above. My super hero, my anchor, my shoulder to cry on. He is everything, literally. He always says ” you are my treasure, for you made me who i am”. Am my dad’s only child, so when he says that, he means it.

But because i am his only, he is always my only. He has shown me the best kind of love. When am wrong, he wouldn’t even think twice about whipping the h*** out of me, but even with all that, he has raised me to be what i am today. Having to raise a girl is pretty weird am sure for a male. But even after my mom passed, there’s never a time i felt left out. He made me the centre of everything. He made me his princess, i lack nothing . Even now when I feel am all grown and an adult, to him, am still the lil princess.

Words can’t begin to describe him, i don’t know what i would be without him. I literally wouldn’t be here without him.

All in all, Dad is life’s gift to me . I couldn’t have asked for anyone else, because they couldn’t handle my nagging like he does😀.

I love him so so much



Blogger recognition award

I can’t believe am even writing for this, am overwhelmed and beyond happy. I want to thank Tracy muso for nominating me for the blogger recognition award, i really appreciate it. Go check out her blog, she’s a very talented writer. Follow her, you won’t regret it.

The rules

  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two piece of advice for new bloggers.
  • Select other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them & provide the link to the post you created.

How i started my blog

I have always wanted to start a blog, but then i would be discouraged thinking, who would even want to read what i write or what if i start and run out of things to write but then late February this year,i was reading a newspaper in class when i came across tips on how to be a blogger. Just right then and there, i searched sites that could help and here i am, blogging for over 2 months.

Advice for new bloggers

  1. Write from your heart. People like to read posts that hold emotions. Weather it’s a funny or heartfelt post, the reader needs to relate and understand what you mean. Writing from your heart also keeps everything you say real.
  2. Dont mind the amount of likes you get. When i started, i use to feel so demoralised when I see 2 likes on a post that i put my whole heart too but then i told myself, it’s not the amount of likes that determine what you do. Just stay consistent, and don’t give up easily. I guess we all in this together.

My nominees




Warren Richards


Have a blessed night 💕



The mystery blogger award

I am thrilled, content, ecstatic, excited and all the words that describe happiness, I feel as though the stars have aligned because this week has just been the greatest. I want to thank philomenakendi26 for adding to my blissful week by nominating for for The mystery blogger award. Please do follow her and check out her amazing posts.

The rules

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  4. Answer the questions you were asked
  5. Nominate 5-10 people and notify them
  6. Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice and one weird or funny, specify

My answers

  1. Describe the experience of writing in 3 words? Declamatory, unreal and amazeballs☺
  2. How would you tackle a writer block? I always stop writing and do something else or open another page to write whatever comes to the top of my head but i think the most thing that is useful to me is to eliminate all distractions, put the phone far and stop the music or get a quite place from everyone.
  3. Which movie character and in what movie do you think perfectly features you? Fat Emmy in pitch perfect. 😅
  4. Why writing? Writing is everything to me, it’s one way for me to articulate, express my opinion in a compendious way. Writing helps me express my feelings and thoughts With great force. When i write, i feel as though my massage is emphatic, rather than saying it out loud.
  5. Which do you prefer.. kids or pets? ? Kids, they just bring so much joy to life
  6. Your partner just broke up with you. Tomorrow you see him or her all over someone else. Speak your mind. 😂😂 i will go over and tell him “The devil is a liar”, that way i leave him wondering what i mean 😂

My nominees

A human


Rural Jain

Warren Richards


My questions for you guys are:

  1. How do you connect your emotions to your posts?
  2. Give your younger self advice in a 5 word sentence
  3. Whats the best book you have read?
  4. What is your writing process like?
  5. Does ego help or hurt writers?
  6. If your a rapper, what would be your stage name?😂😂

Cant wait to read your answers